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Our next live program starts on August 24, 2022 at 5:30 pm MST. 

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Diabetes doesn’t define you.

In just six weeks you will learn how to control, and even reverse, your type two diabetes naturally.

My all natural approach gives you the resources, tips, recipes and a meal plan that lets you get back to living a full, active life without blood sugar spikes or low energy shakes.

This 6 week journey includes weekly live (and recorded) training sessions with Dr. Elaine:  

Week 1 Knowledge is Power - Understand YOUR Body & YOUR Blood Sugar levels.
Everyone’s body and blood sugar levels are different.  Learn when and how often to check your blood sugar levels to make sure you understand your body’s biochemistry and biorhythms. This knowledge puts you in the driver’s seat so you can be in control every day.   

Week 2 -The Delicious Diabetic Meal Plan!
Type 2 diabetes is about carbohydrate intolerance.  It's not a life sentence to eating the same foods for the rest of your life!  You will learn how to make better food choices without a food list or someone telling you what to eat.  This way, you can include a wide variety of delicious meals that you enjoy and are good not only for your diabetes but also your general health.  You will be amazed how great your meals taste!

Week 3 - Jump into Exercise - You already know exercise is important to your health. But do you know what types of exercise specifically help with blood sugar and your diabetes management? You will learn exactly how and when exercise improves your blood sugar, your weight and your mood. Together we will create a routine of daily activity/exercise that you will love and stick with.

Week 4 - Weigh in on Weight - This is not about dieting or trying to lose weight.  You will learn the impact of weight and the physical and emotional cost of big shifts in weight and the affect on your blood sugar levels.  You will learn how to manage your weight in a sustainable way for the rest of your life.

Week 5 - Fall into Sleep – Learn how sleep affects diabetes and what to do about it. Getting quality sleep can be the difference between poor blood sugar control and great blood sugar control. Learn 5 top  tips to a great night’s sleep so you wake up rested … and balanced!

Week 6 - Relax into Stress – Stress affects diabetes in such a way that, even if you are eating well and exercising, your blood sugar can still be too high. Learn how to better manage your stress with some new practices to get and keep your blood sugars in balance.

Maximize Your Results with Support, Accountability & Resources: 

  • Regular Q& A Calls
  • Weekly workbooks to keep you on track
  • Private Facebook Group for peer-to-peer support

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I look forward to working with you on your journey to better blood sugar control.