For the sake of your health, slow down diabetes managment heart disease slow down

Before the pandemic, we were going at top speed all the time. Get work done faster, get more activities in for the kids, stop and pick up meals...

3 Steps to Love Your Body aging body happiness

This is a story about Mary. Mary was a young woman who started going to school in a profession that her father was in, her sisters were in, and...

5 things you need to know about foot care with diabetes blood sugar diabetes managment feet care

Think about it. Your feet carry the weight of your muscles, organs, bones, fluids, hormones, enzymes and body fat – in other words everything...

Summer Fun, Especially with High Blood Sugars blood sugar summer travel

One of the first things about being on vacation is you are likely to be out of your usual routine. It’s kind of the point, right? You want to...

5 ways to deal with the heat with blood sugar issues blood sugar dehydration heat summer

Because of damage to blood vessels and nerves caused by inflammation, people with high blood sugar also have damage to their sweat glands that...

High Blood Sugar? Stay Hydrated! blood sugar hydrate water

Depending on how old you are and what your gender is, at least 50% of your body mass is water. Why is that? Because chemical reactions in our body...

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