3 Things to do Before You See Your Doctor doctor visit medications preparation

Some of us have great doctors. We can ask anything and they take the time to answer all our questions. However, doctors don’t always have...

5 Things to Know About Sexual Function in Women with Type 2 Diabetes diabetes sex sexual health

A woman in my Facebook group asked her doctor about the impact of diabetes on sexual function and he didn’t have an answer her. It’s a...

5 Things You Need To Know About Foot Care with Diabetes feet foot care vacation

One of the big complications of type 2 diabetes is neuropathy. When blood sugar is poorly controlled, there is a lot of sugar in the blood stream....

Summer Fun with Diabetes diabetes summer vacation

Here in North America, we are moving into summer - the time for vacation, hanging out and enjoying the great outdoors. If you have type 2 diabetes,...

9 Ways To Manage Your Fear To Help with Diabetes anxiety diabetes fear

First, if you are in a fearful moment right now, and you're not in danger, then slow down and take a slow deep breath and then just slowly breathe....

Generational Fear and Diabetes diabete management fear gererations

My parents were born just before the depression. There wasn't much money. There wasn't much food. There was scarcity everywhere.

My mother, one of...

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