9 Ways To Manage Your Fear To Help with Diabetes

anxiety diabetes fear Jun 01, 2022

First, if you are in a fearful moment right now, and you're not in danger, then slow down and take a slow deep breath and then just slowly breathe. Keep doing that for a few minutes. The effect of this is to calm your mind, your nervous system and your body.

Second, say to yourself, “I am all right. I'm okay right now. I am okay right now!” Say it as many times as you need. Then you can make a decision. Start with asking “what is my next step?” Then, take it.

Third, become aware of your fear, when you're afraid and what you're afraid of. It's important! You can't address anything unless you are aware that it's there.

Fourth, release resistance to the fact that you have fear. We all have it. Some of us have it more than others. When you do this, you can accept your fear and actually begin to change your relationship with it. For me, until I could acknowledge my fear, I couldn't do anything about it.

Fifth, practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is a simple breathing practice that calms the mind and body. There are tons of resources out there. See what works for you and start using it.

Sixth, journal. The purpose of this journaling is to get whatever's in your mind, whatever your fear is, out! This isn't reading what you wrote and reflecting on it. No! This is 'taking out the trash' right here. This is fast, angry, scared, sad writing; whatever emotions are coming up for you. Write it out, then rip it up and throw it away! It's just getting it out.

Seven, pay attention to your self-talk. Many of us have negative self-talk embedded in us. Sometimes we don't even realize that we have it or how damaging it can be. Listen to it. When you hear any negativity, put a stop to it by saying “STOP!”

Eight, affirmations - use them liberally! This is a simple statement of "Today, I look for three positive things in my life” or "Today I'll find one thing I'm grateful for." Write them on a post-it note and put them everywhere so that you're constantly reminded to look for the positive that is all around you.

Finally, consider exploring the Enneagram. It's a powerful tool that helped me.

Knowing and understanding who I am and how fear affects me has really changed my life!

Dr Elaine


PS: For more information on the Enneagram go to: www.LindaFrazee.com

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