Detox your self-talk for your blood sugar or other health issues

change motivation self talk thoughts Jun 04, 2024

Here are some examples of negative thinking that can damage your health further or lead you to better health.

“I missed a week of exercise. I might as well stop going. It will take me forever to get back to where I was.” This is an example of all or nothing thinking. You might turn this around with a few changes. “I missed a week of exercise. Because I’ve been exercising regularly, I’ll be able to get back in shape pretty quickly.”

“The only reason I’ve been making meals at home is because I don’t have the money to eat out with my friends.” This is an example of minimizing the positive. This could be turned around to “I’ve been eating at home more lately and my blood sugars have been better than usual.”

“I should be able to get my blood sugars down because I’ve been eating better but I can’t. Forget it, I’m a failure!!” This is an example of blaming and shaming yourself. Think about it this way: “My blood sugars aren’t where they should be. I’m eating pretty well so I just need to look at what else I could do to help bring my blood sugars down.”

“I can’t do any exercise because I have back pain.” This is an example of over-generalizing. You might consider something like: “I have some back pain but my doctor said I’m okay to walk. I’ll start slow and work up to longer walks.”

When you recognize these types of negative comments you make to yourself, you have the opportunity to:

  1. Recognize the negative thought patterns you currently have
  2. Start talking back to yourself. Start with STOP! Ask yourself, “are these thoughts true?” “Will these thoughts take me toward my goal of better health (ie, blood pressure or blood sugar control) or away from it? Is there a different thought that will support me to move forward?”
  3. Looking at your thoughts objectively, you’ll begin to see that you aren’t the failure you tell yourself you are. You have been able to do a number of things that help your blood sugar control. Focus on the things you have done and are doing well and do better with the things you haven’t.

You’ll find that you might be a little happier, a little freer and a little more joyous when you detox your self-talk from berating to supportive.

Dr Elaine


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