Summer Fun with Diabetes

diabetes summer vacation Jun 07, 2022

Here in North America, we are moving into summer - the time for vacation, hanging out and enjoying the great outdoors. If you have type 2 diabetes, you may feel like taking a vacation from diabetes! I understand.

One of the first things about being on vacation is you are likely to be out of your usual routine. It’s kind of the point, right? You want to rest, relax, cut loose a bit. That may mean going to bed later, sleeping in and doing things you don’t usually do. It may also mean eating meals at different time, doing more and different activities and perhaps being off schedule because of time zone changes.

You’ve been working hard to monitor your meals, follow through with exercise and activity and getting good, consistent sleep every night. Do you really want to throw all that hard work out the window because you’re on vacation?

Whether you are traveling in your own state, your own country or traveling outside the country, there are things to consider in order to keep your diabetes in good control.

Well before your vacation, talk to your doctor. Let them know your plans. They can help guide you on what to bring in terms of diabetic supplies, medication, insulin and back up equipment.

You may also want to check your blood sugar more often to see where you are at so you can adjust as needed. Get copies of your prescriptions. You may want to get refills before you go so you have more than you need just in case.

Keep your medication in the original bottles. This will help with getting on a plane, help healthcare responders, help you and others traveling with you to ensure you get what you need. You’ll need to consider how to pack and store insulin if you take it.

If you are traveling by air, make sure you keep all your diabetic supplies, snacks, meds – everything with you as a carry on. The last thing you want is to prepare all this stuff and then lose it in lost luggage.

Make lists, think things through, talk to your doctor early enough so you have time to get everything you need.

And, have a safe, fun trip!

Dr Elaine


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