Surviving Halloween with Type 2 Diabetes

diabetes managment halloween holiday food parties Oct 24, 2023

Pay attention to how you are feeling about Halloween. Will this be a big deal for you because you have a serious sweet tooth and have great difficulty stopping yourself from eating it or is it no big deal. If it’s the former, take some time to sit quietly and breathe.

If this will be more of a nightmare for you, think through what would really help you through this Halloween. Will it be to keep your lights off and pretend no one is home so you don’t have to deal with having candy around? Will you have someone else hand out the candy and you chat to tricker treaters about their costumes? What is the plan for the leftover candy? By thinking ahead and having a plan, you can make the night less anxiety provoking.

If you think you might have some sweet treats from the candy to be given out, buy as little as possible of what you like and can eat. Buying in bulk is expensive and you generally end up with a ton of leftovers. Buy it as close to Halloween as you can and get rid of leftovers as quickly as possible. Stash it in the trunk of your car until you are ready to use it to avoid temptation. If you do have some candy, keep an eye on your blood sugar.

Think sugar-free candy, dark chocolate bars which generally have less sugar or sealed bags of popcorn. The best sweet treats to give out may not be food at all. It may be small toys or books that are fun and not a hazard for your trick or treaters!

Dr Elaine

PS: Here is the link to the Halloween recipe book

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