Your metabolic health and immune function with diabetes

diabetes managment fiber gut health metabolism Sep 20, 2022

Your metabolism, that is all the systems that keep you alive and healthy (even the ones you don’t think about), runs on energy, like gas in the car. Your immune system, your ability to protect yourself from outside invaders requires a strong response that also requires energy. An upset in the ability to supply energy can lead to risk of chronic metabolic disease. Your immune system has to deal with adapting to the changing environment you live in. This includes what you eat and drink, your sleep, exercise and how you deal with stress, which is constantly moving up and, well mostly up.

When there is a breakdown in communication between your metabolism and your immune system, the effect on your metabolism can lead to malnutrition, obesity and or diabetes. Many things regulate this interaction, like genetics (which we don’t have control over) and epigenetics (which we do have some control over). Epigenetics have to do with all the activities we do in our lives that affect whether our genes are turned on or off. This includes your nutritional status and the state of your gut microbiome. If you are eating what we call a SAD (Standard American Diet), which includes a lot of red meat, processed food, sugar and unhealthy fats, your gut bugs can lead you to metabolic disorders like metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes. The quality of your gut microbiome affects your weight – they influence how much and what kind of food is actually absorbed.

What’s the best way to keep your gut bugs happy and healthy? Eat a good amount of dietary fiber. Now, you can buy something powdered in a jar but the best way is to eat real food. Why? Because food has more and different stuff in it that your body needs.

Dr Elaine


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