Strategies to handle the basics of diabetes for the holidays diabetes managment fall halloween holiday food thanksgiving

It is especially important to eat well. We have more darkness in the winter and holidays that can be wonderful or depressing. It’s important...

Surviving Halloween with Type 2 Diabetes diabetes managment halloween holiday food parties

Pay attention to how you are feeling about Halloween. Will this be a big deal for you because you have a serious sweet tooth and have great...

Be present in your body to manage your diabetes for the holiday season be present halloween holiday meditation

We carry a great deal of wisdom in our bodies and when we are disconnected, we don’t have access to it. When I am present and connected with...

Set boundaries for yourself and your diabetes for the holidays diabetes managment halloween holidays

You need boundaries when you are pressured into doing things you don’t want to do and then feel frustrated, resentful and anxious. You may...

More Diabetes Management Tools for the Holidays! diabetes managment halloween holiday food

At holiday meals, do your best to keep up your regular routines, like getting good sleep, eating meals at your regular times and being active....

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