How does connecting with your heart help your health?

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For years, I was disconnected energetically from my heart, basically from the neck down. That was because of fear which ran me for a long time. When I was put on the spot, or in an argument, or asked to give a talk, I was scared. I could feel this dividing line between my head and the rest of my body, where my head would float off like a balloon. I was still talking and had no idea what I was saying or what I was thinking. I was disconnected.

The worst was afterwards. I felt embarrassed. I couldn't remember what I said. I didn't know what had happened.

Over the years, the consequence of this disconnection was making impulsive decisions - many of which I regretted. The problem with that was the punishing self-talk that came with those kinds of decisions. That just made me feel worse.

After many years on the self-discovery path, I became aware of that disconnect between my head and my heart, and finally was able to make myself whole again.

My beloved cat Teaser died several years ago. For the first time in my life, I was literally brokenhearted. I felt my heart crack wide open. I was upset and deeply sad at his passing. It had a huge effect on me. Although some very sweet blessings came out of that, the biggest one was I could feel my heart and head come together.

Now, when I have important decisions to make, I use my head and heart together. How has that changed me? I make better decisions and can trust myself when making them. It changed how I think about myself, how I take care of myself and how I take care of others.

If you struggle with heart disease, type two diabetes or any other chronic condition, what decisions can you make with head and heart together that can make small changes toward better health for yourself?

Dr Elaine


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