Why is change challenging? Part 2

challenges change resistance Apr 09, 2024
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As we can’t control change in general, we can take a different approach to change when it affects us personally. As we get further into our lives, passing from adolescent to adult to ‘getting older,’ our bodies change, our health changes and our lives change. When we start to have health issues or current health issues get worse, we are often told by our healthcare team that “things in your life need to change if you want to _____.” Fill in the blank, live longer, live healthier, retire and travel, see your grandkids marry and on and on.

These things turn out to be lifestyle changes – eating differently, getting more movement/physical activity, sleeping better, dropping a few pounds and more. We are told to make these changes for better blood sugar control, better cardiovascular health, better blood pressure and so on.

Lifestyle changes are challenging because these are embedded in lifelong habits. They, of course, can be changed but there are steps we need to take in between deciding to make a change and actually making a change that will hold.

I don’t know about you but when someone tells me what to do, even if I was thinking of doing it anyway, I tend to go into resistance. I think “You can’t tell me what to do” or “Well, I was going to do that but now, since you insist, I won’t do it.” This type of thinking doesn’t serve me at all. Then I am stuck in resistance.

How do I get out of resistance? Stay tuned…

Dr Elaine


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