More Diabetes Management Tools for the Holidays!

diabetes managment halloween holiday food Oct 17, 2022

At holiday meals, do your best to keep up your regular routines, like getting good sleep, eating meals at your regular times and being active. Start your day with a good breakfast of protein, good fat and carb. Timing of holiday meals might be different than your usual mealtime but adjust accordingly – if too early, have a healthy snack if you need to eat before the meal, if too late, either eat a meal or a healthy snack. For all meals and snacks, be sure to eat a combination of protein and good fat with carbs. If possible, take a walk after you eat, even 15 – 20 minutes can help with blood sugar. It will also get you outside and away from temptation if that’s a consideration for you. At the meal, make good food choices. You can’t have to try everything. Using a smaller plate can help with smaller portions.

Pay attention to how you are feeling well before the holiday and all through it. Are feelings coming up that are connected to people and/or events from the past that might push you to binge or eat more than you might otherwise? Are there foods you simply have to avoid? Emotions play a big role in eating, for all of us. By paying attention, you will have a good awareness about what you need to put in place and whom you may need for some support during this time.

Now, about Halloween… This ‘holiday’ is based solely around sugar! And great costumes, of course. For giving out candy, buy what you like and you can eat. Buy it on the day of Halloween and get rid of leftovers as quickly as possible. You can give out sugar-free candy, dark chocolate bars (generally, less sugar) and perhaps things with nuts or nut butter. Be sure to read the label on anything you eat so you know how many carbs you’re taking in. Of course, when you’re eating things, you don’t normally eat, check your blood sugar to see where you are at so if needed, you can make adjustments! Have a happy, safe Halloween!!

Dr Elaine


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